Facelift Treatment in Malaysia

Facelift Treatment

Facelift Treatment 

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Facelift treatment in malaysia is no longer only for the wealthy. Procedures to improve facial ptosis have been performed since the early part of the 20th century and many new methods have since been discovered to increase effectiveness and cost. Initially, these consisted solely of subcutaneous dissections and simple skin excisions. Over time, rhytidectomy techniques have evolved a great deal. However, more aggressive techniques have been associated with increased complications and prolonged recovery time, especially with regard to edema and ecchymosis. Because of this, new methods were developed and new techniques to minimize complications and postoperative recovery time while maximizing aesthetic results, particularly in the neck and jowl area.

We as a premier facelift treatment in malaysia offer new techniques that utilizes minimal incisions. Traditionally, facelift incisions have been carried into hair-bearing skin in both the temporal and postauricular areas. This technique requires no incisions in hair-bearing skin. This has proved to be extremely beneficial in avoiding both alopecia and changes in the temporal or occipital hairlines.
In addition to this minimal incision, a short skin flap is elevated. Also, a submentoplasty is performed.

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facelift treatment in malaysia

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