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Elegance Aesthetic Academy class in open now!

Everyone wants to learn Aesthetics, but not everyone can teach Aesthetics. It requires skills and most importantly, experience. Our trainers are handpicked and they come with years of clinical and academic experience.


You will be taught and trained by our Korean and China certified aesthetician.




  1. Anatomy of the eye
  2. Eye aesthetic design
  3. Regional Anesthesia
  4. Inner Corner Cut Suture
  5. Nano trace eyelid
  6. A needle eyelid
  7. Seamless liposuction of the eye
aesthetic course malaysia


  1. Facial Anatomy
  2. Facial Aesthetic Design
  3. Anesthesia Injection Skills
  4. Reverse Shifting Face Lift Surgery
  5. Thread tighten up eye bags
  6. Thread tighten up double chin
  7. Thread tighten up neck veins
  8. Volume thread fill laugh lines
  9. 4S thread tighten face contours
  10. V thread face lifting
  11. Thread augmentation rhinoplasty
  12. Thread tighten butterfly arm
  13. Thread tighten thighs
  14. Thread tighten belly
  15. Handle of complications
  16. A needle eyelid
  17. Seamless liposuction of the eye


  1. Face Anatomy
  2. Dimple Formation Theory
  3. Dimple Aesthetic Design
  4. Dimple near the corner of mouth
  5. Aseptic Process
  6. Practice
aesthetic course malaysia


  1. Hyaluronic acid nose (one needle operation)
  2. hyaluronic acid without traces of the head of the temple
  3. Hyaluronic acid filling method
  4. Hyaluronic acid apple muscle
  5. Hyaluronic acid filled the tear groove
  6. Hyaluronic acid cheek filling
  7. Hyaluronic acid lip
aesthetic course malaysia


  1. Chest anatomy
  2. Chest anatomy
  3. Fill ratio
  4. Filling practice
  5. How to avoid problems

If you are looking for aesthetic course malaysia and want to make your mark in the rapidly expanding and lucrative world of aesthetic medicine, you’ve come to the right place. Our new cutting edge, modern and unique cosmetic training courses provide the latest techniques, methods and are among the only of their kind in aesthetic course malaysia. Evidence has shown that people learn best when these combination methods are present. This includes reading, hearing and doing. With this in mind, our classes and courses are designed in such a way we utilize all these elements. Our courses all benefit from our unique learning approach to the theoretical element of aesthetic training allowing for a full day of practical the latest technique training to reinforce this. Our combined interactive and didactic sessions are followed by hours of hands-on-practice enabling you to reach a level of proficiency. Our cosmetic training courses are accredited and in-line with the latest guidelines in the delivery of nonsurgical cosmetic interventions.

A large part of your practice must and will involve prior consultation with your clients. Being able to treat your clients to a high standard is equally as important as recognising what and how to treat them as all clients have differing issues and conditions. This will not only improve your overall cosmetic result, but also your interpersonal communication skills, pertinent to successful practice. Get the best of aesthetic course Malaysia with us.

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