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The ideal body has never been easy to obtain. Body image concerns, eating problems and obesity among children, adolescents and adults are becoming increasingly targeted for preventive health education and health promotion programmes. This is where slimming centers in Selangor come in. The role of health educators is complicated because of legitimate concerns that we must “do no harm” in our efforts to ameliorate both issues in schools and workplaces. Health educators need to be careful to ensure that the implementation of programmes for the prevention of obesity do not inadvertently create food concerns, body image issues, weight stigma, prejudice or eating disorders. Similarly, eating disorder prevention programmes must take care both not to condone obesity nor to glamorise or normalise dieting or disordered eating. The rise of slimming centers in Selangor indicates an increase in body image concerns.


Body shape dissatisfaction has been thought to have an indispensable impact on weight control behaviors. We need to understand the prevalence of body shape dissatisfaction and explored its association with weight status, education level and other determinants among young adults in Malaysia. Overweight and obesity in men and underweight in women were prevalent among Malaysian young adults. Slimming centers in selangor play a role not just as a business but also as an education center. Body slimming centers selangor avoid inappropriate body shape desire might predispose individuals to unhealthy weight loss or gain behaviors. Body slimming center selangor creates careful consideration of actual weight status in body shape desire is needed in health promotion and education, especially for underweight and normal weight women and those with a low education level.

It was expected that gender related differences in physical fitness, body shape satisfaction, and body figure preferences would appear, with women exhibiting greater concerns as compared to men. Findings revealed significant positive relationship between physical fitness and body shape concern. Gender differences were found only on body shape as women exhibited greater dissatisfaction and higher differences on current and ideal body shape as compared to men, however, no gender differences in physical fitness and body shape satisfaction were found. Body slimming center selangor understands body image is how one perceives, thinks, and feels about one’s own body and physical appearance. Body image is a complex set of perceptions and attitudes toward size, shape, aesthetics, and experience of one’s body. Body image is a subjective concept, produced by inter- and intra-personal dynamics, and not actual physical body or outsider’s impression of it.

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